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6 secrets to writing a great cover letter

If you can create a great cover letter, then this can be your getaway to stand out from the rest, however, if you fail to create an impact through your cover letter, you will not make it to even the shortlisting phase. Unfortunately, most of the cover letters sound and feel the same, and that’s why most of the cover letter is not even entertained. Think about it once, would you like to read the same news again and again, probably not, because you already know what the news is all about, well, the same thing happens with the recruiters or hiring managers too.

The internet is overloaded with tips and tutorials about how to write a cover letter, but the issue begins when we don’t know how skilled these people are in sharing these tips and how practical these tips really are. So, this is what made us think, and that’s why we bring you the six golden rules of writing an attractive and impressive cover letter.

1. Your cover letter should be different than your resume
This is where most of the applicants fail. Many people keep the words for both the resumes and cover letter the same. Your cover letter is the first thing a recruiter is going to see and read, so you can guess that your recruiter is going to go through it a bit more attentively than the resume. Make your cover letter about yourself, talk about who you are and raise some curiosity so that they feel compelled enough to open the resume.

2. Keep your cover letter short
Just because your cover letter is going to reflect your personality, it doesn’t mean that it has to be too long. Just keep it half the page, and that’s about it.

3. Don’t address anyone
Sometimes, you don’t really know who you are sending an email too, so, rather than addressing someone, have a more generalize tone, for example, “to whom it may concern”, or even better “dear hiring manager”. These two sentences are the more used, and the best part is they do their work without addressing someone personally.

4. Use PDF format
It is always better to send away your cover letter in PDF format. You never know if the format of your document will be accessible to the person reading it or not. So, be safe and act smart. Use a PDF file without any conversion.

5. Avoid using these phrases
Your hiring manager has seen tons of these phrases, and trust us on this, they don’t want the 10th person to use the same sentence. So, skip using phrases like “, Hi, my name is ______, and I am interested in this position”. The point is they already know which position you are interested in, so, ignore.

6. Have a strong closing line
Never sound desperate. Always focus on finish off quickly. Close off by saying how you can be an asset to their company and close it. Have a meaningful cover letter. Don’t overdo it though. Know when to stop.

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