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No Interview Invites? After Hundreds of Applications?

Do you know that when you apply for a job, your recruiter will spend only about 30 seconds to go through your resume? No matter how well written your resume is, this is a fact, and you should keep this mind before you start preparing your CV. You will be surprised to know about an HR receives about 250 resumes on average. As per Google, they receive a massive number of whooping 6 million resumes every year. Now that’s a huge number! To even have a shot at an interview, you need to prepare and clear the 6-seconds test as well. One wrong turn and everything will fall behind, which means you will let the other candidate to grab the opportunity which could have been yours. This is how the tough the competition is. If you want to stand out, then you have got to prove your worth.

Here, in this article, we are going to focus on some interesting facts.

  • There were around 3.6 million jobs opening by the year-end 2012. However, the interesting fact is that approximately 80% of them were actually seldom advertisements!
  • On average, around 118 people apply for any given job. However, only 20% of them actually are invited for the interview.
  • Many companies are showing interest in talent-management software to simply screen the resumes, which means more than 50% of them are outnumbered already before anyone in person from the main office gets to see it.
  • Here’s what the employees are looking for. Around 36% of them are looking at multitasking skills, 31% of employees are looking for candidates with initiative skills, 21% of them are searching for creative minds, and 12% among them are looking for something else.
  • The final exciting fact that we have for you is that around 56% of job applicants actually refused their job offer in the year 2012.
What to do?
  • The first and the most important thing to do is to work on your resume. Your resume should talk everything about you but in a professional way. And don’t settle down with only one resume for every position. Every company has different pre-requisite, and you must tailor that accordingly. You should look for the job responsibilities and likewise tailor it.
  • You must add the keywords of the job requirements. Your employee should be able to grasp that you are applying for the correct position, and you have all the skills for the same position.
  • If you have some skills related to the job, then you need to describe them. Everyone can mention skills in their resume, but employees need to prove them. So, go ahead and tell your story as briefly as possible, but do explain.
  • Your resume must notify the employee that you are good with soft skills along with hard skills.
  • Try to work on your speaking skills as well. Enhance your vocabulary.
  • Be confident, but be modest.
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